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Rogue Society Gin; the kiwi spirit in the black bottle

Two guys from New Zealand who didn’t know each other until one married the others sister and then they did. A year sitting in bars and lounges discussing how they always wanted to make their own gin. This is how two brothers-in-law and a part time musician got in to a lot of debt and created a Rogue Society Gin that won gold in London & San Francisco.

1 Canadian, 2 Aussies & 1 Mexican Master Distiller; Tequila Tromba is born

Tequila Tromba is a classic story of starting a spirit brand. Nick Reid, a young lad from Melbourne, fell in love with Tequila on a trip there in 2005. Years passed and his passion grew. He recruited his school mate James Sherry, Canadian Eric Brass and by 2010 they were seriously discussing starting their own brand. So what did they need? Credibility in the form of a Mexican Master Distiller. He came in the form of Marco Cedano

A bitter Italian; Amaro Montenegro takes on Brisbane

Amari are bitter-sweet Italian digestifs and while they are not to everyone’s liking, there are a few bar industry folks that are obsessed with these flavoursome, old-school gems. We asked Jackson Thornton, Amaro Montenegro’s Australian brand ambassador some questions about his brand and the craft spirits industry in general.

The Pisco People; a passion for the Peruvian grape spirit

“Even though they have pisco in Chile, the pisco in Peru was completely different. My passion for pisco developed as I started to learn more about the history, production subtle nuances in taste and flavour. Upon returning to Australia thought I would take a piece of Peru back with me – so I created The Pisco People and began importing Peruvian pisco,” Josie Healy, Founder of The Pisco People

Canefire Rum: built over a decade and two generations

” It took us over a decade and two generations to simply establish our credibility and professionalism as independent distillers. With the emergence of many more craft operators the market has received a heap of attention which has brought more people away from the standard mainstream imported brands to try our products and those of our peers,” says Ryan Passmore, from the Kimberley Rum Company.

Building your own rum brand means selling your house, says Illegal Tender’s Codie Palmer

“Consumers are wanting to find a unique spirit or drink now, they want to be taken on a journey from the initial brewing stage to the final stage of having the beverage in their hand, and that’s something we strive to achieve.” Codie Palmer from Illegal Tender Rum Co talks about the rise of craft spirits in Australia.

Debating the Daiquiri, the gin explosion and more: Indie Perth seminars announced

What would a tasting be without a bit of education thrown in? The Indie Spirits Tasting Perth promises a line-up of talks about the hottest topics in the bar industry. Everything from tips on investing in Whisky on the stock market to the lowdown on the great gin explosion, hosted by Australian Bartender magazine editor, Sam Bygrave.