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The Delicious & Wonderful World of Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie’s goal is to share more delicious whisky, which was at the core of our delicious & wonderful world event. We’ve taken back control from the knowledge bullies who for years have had a belief around who and where whisky should be enjoyed.

Meet Paula Tarrago from Corretto Dee Why

“I would love to have a drink and chat with any badass woman, full of stories to tell. Not bad if it was a Rickstasy (a mix of vodka, Southern Comfort, banana liqueur and Baileys) with Amy Winehouse or a Pomegranate Martini with Madonna.”

Ten of our biggest stories from 2020: We say farewell to the year from hell & wish you a great 2021

The team at Spanton Media are eagerly awaiting the end of 2020! A year that will go down in history, that’s for damn sure. So while we sign off on the final hours, we thought we would recap some of the biggest stories of the year and tip our hats to some of the clever folks who have contributed articles in 2020. Now let’s move on to 2021!

Kurtis Bosley looks at the science behind carbonation

Although Champagne would have us all believe that bubble size in these liquids is the defining note on quality, it is in fact the quantity of Co2 escaping from the drink that determines how rough and biting that drink will be and how the aromas will be punching the air.