‘Praise in public; punish in private.’ Sven Almenning’s tips on running and managing a venue

Here’s part two of Sven Almenning’s talk at the Business of Bars Conference during Sydney Bar Week 2017. Last month was all about what you need to do before you get to opening the doors on your shiny new bar — this month, we share Almenning’s advice on managing staff and the venue once the doors are open.

Keep more of what your bar makes

Australia’s business-only bank Tyro has launched ‘Tap & Save’ which allows merchants to save money by processing debit tap-and-go payments through the cheaper eftpos network. Tyro is the first Australian bank to…

The Business of Bars: can sustainability work for your bar business?

Zero-waste bartending. Closed loop. Is all this sustainable bar stuff nothing but empty marketing terms, or is there something more to it? During Sydney Bar Week this year at The Business of Bars Conference that was the topic, when a panel comprised of Sam Egerton (Merivale), Toby Kline (Adelaide Hills Distillery) and Luke Whearty (Operation Dagger) were quizzed by Australian Bartender publisher David Spanton.

The Business of Bars: What makes the world’s best bars the best?

How does a bar make the World’s 50 Best Bars list? What makes a bar a world-beater? During Sydney Bar Week, this was the topic up for discussion at the Business of Bars Conference at The Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel. On the panel were some heavy hitters: Luke Whearty, from Operation Dagger, Chris Hysted-Adams from Black Pearl, Jason Williams from Proof & Company and 28 Hong Kong Street, and Jason Scott from Swillhouse — all of whom are from bars on the World’s 50 Best list — along with award-winners Mike Enright from The Barber Shop, Jeremy Shipley from Solotel, and Hayley Morison from Beam-Suntory.