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The Parisian Cocktail
The Parisian Cocktail

This classic appeared in the October issue of Australian Bartender.

By Amy Spanton

The team here at Bartender never shy away from a recommendation from the esteemed palate of Mr David Wondrich, and after a little digging around we uncovered one of his preferred alternatives to a Martini – The Parisian cocktail.

Yet another cocktail sourced from the 1929 edition of Harry’s McElhone’s Harry’s ABC of Cocktails, according to Wondrich it was likely served throughout the 1920s at Harry’s New York Bar. The original blend was an unpalatable mix of equal parts gin, vermouth and crème de cassis but in the 1930s, Frank Meier of the nearby Ritz, amended the drink by cutting the cassis to just a barspoon.


It’s the inclusion of crème de cassis that distinguishes a Parisian Cocktail from a common Martini, and gives the drink just a little kick of sugar and floral notes that is very pleasing. And it is your selection of liqueur that will likely determine whether this drink is right for your palate. But it’s definitely a drink with a good foundation, and something you could build on. Maybe build it in a highball with lots of ice and some soda. Pretty close to a Bramble? I hear you say. But it’s definitely one worth tinkering around with.

For this recipe we have included the delicious black raspberry liqueur, Chambord. More pungent than it’s close cousin crème de cassis, Chambord has often been used as a substitute for the black currant liqueur. It is modeled on a traditional French liqueur from the Loire Valley that is married with extracts of black raspberries and black currants as well as French Cognac and Madagascar vanilla.Not surprisingly there are several other ‘Parisian’ cocktail stylings, often served on Valentine’s Day and often featuring ingredients like liquid chocolate and strawberries, hold the gin and dry vermouth. Also, don’t be confused with the Parisian Blonde (also from the Savoy Cocktail Book), another French-themed libation with white rum, cream and Curacao…?

Parisian Cocktail

30ml French Vermouth

30ml Premium Gin

1 barspoon of Chambord

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

Adapted from The Savoy Cocktail Book

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