Bars March is back: here’s how to get involved

Bars March is back — here’s how to get involved.

Once again it’s time to have a drink, save a dog

The annual Bars March Good Times for a Good cause are on again — and venues are warmly invited to join in.

This month-long activation has been providing a much needed antidote to all those dry charity months (we’re looking at you, Dry July, Febfast and Ocsober) for nine years now by celebrating bar culture, great drinks and the joy of a damn fine night out while raising money for animal welfare.

It’s sweet and simple: participating venues create a Bars March drink and sell it during March then donate a percent of the profit (your call how much) direct to the Bars March charity Animal Welfare League. The Bars March team promote the venues and drinks energetically across social media, conventional media and to our dedicated army of Bars Marchers.

Previously a NSW initiative, Bars March is open to venues from around the nation this year. You’ll be able to sign up at the website very soon, and Founder (and day-job journo ) Amy Cooper can answer all your questions; feel free to hit her up at and/or for more info.


Bars March welcomes cocktail bars, wine bars, pubs, clubs- dog-friendly venues are obviously a great fit, but it’s not necessary to have four-legged patrons. Good booze and a big heart is enough.

The more the merrier, and we love diversity in our mix.

We put the tail into cocktail and the paws into pours. Bring on the hair of the dog. Feel the fur, and do it anyway.