Get Fancy Free’s Pet Not recipe here

It’s time to get a little Fancy. The Blends of the World brings you the fancy fellas of Fancy Free who have united to open what will be one of Melbourne’s most transgressive drinking dens.

This Australian tour ‘Pour Decisions’ will feature in-depth seminars dedicated to sharing their story from the conceptualisation of their brand, what to expect when building a bar and the challenges that have arisen thus far.

Here, get a look at the video with Fancy Free’s Matt Stirling as he presents their Pet Not.

Pet Not

  • 225 ml Jim Beam Black Label
  • 350 ml Clarified apple juice (juice whole fruit and filter)
  • 50 ml Clarified strawberry juice (juice whole fruit and filter)
  • 100 ml Jasmine tea
  • 25 ml Fermented grapefruit sherbet
  1. Add all to sterilised ISI or corni keg to carbonate and then bottle and cap.
  2. Pour into a wine glass to serve.

For the Sherbet:

Combine 200g grapefruit peel, 1kg of caster sugar and 1 litre grapefruit juice. Add 6g of turbo yeast and ferment in a fermentation tank for 48 hours until it reaches 20% abv which is when the yeast reach their peak and all sugar is spent. Pasteurise by taking the liquid to 64C. Filter immediately and add to a sterilised bottle and allow to cool. Maximum recommended shelf life of one week.

RSVP is a must so don’t miss out! Log on to to register your seat.

  • Darwin: Traders Bar, Monday 25th Feb
  • Brisbane: Boom Boom Room, Monday 4th March
  • Adelaide: Maybe Mae, Thursday 7th March
  • Perth: Bar Lafayette, Thursday 14th March
  • Sydney: Earl’s Juke Joint, Thursday 21st March
  • Melbourne: Fancy Free Pop Up, Thursday 28th March
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