Toast to the Golden Hour: Disaronno’s Campaign Celebrates the True Amaretto Sour Experience

Disaronno has launched a new marketing initiative, “The Golden Hour Campaign,” aiming to celebrate the authentic Amaretto Sour experience for consumers.

Running from June through to September, Disaronno will be visible across a range of media platforms including podcasts, a collaboration with Palace Cinemas, a robust social media presence, and partnership with acclaimed publications like Broadsheet and Concrete Playground driving foot traffic to bars that offer an authentic amaretto sour, made with Disaronno.

“The Golden Hour campaign represents our homage to the amber-hued liquid of Disaronno, coupled with our affection for the golden tones of this season’s weather. It’s a celebration of the timeless allure of the cocktail that Disaronno is renowned for – the amaretto sour,” said Angelina Paed, Disaronno Brand Manager.

Disaronno, an iconic Italian amaretto liqueur, boasts a distinctive and rich flavour profile that sets it apart from other spirits. Its unique tasting notes include a harmonious blend of sweet almond and subtle apricot, underpinned by hints of marzipan and a delicate trace of vanilla. The liqueur’s sweetness is balanced by a slight bitterness, offering a complex and well-rounded palate. Additional layers of caramel and a whisper of spice create a warm, velvety finish, making Disaronno a versatile ingredient in cocktails.

What makes Disaronno the ideal choice for an authentic Amaretto Sour experience?

Italian heritage: Disaronno has been crafted since 1525 in Saronno, embodying centuries of Italian tradition and expertise. Presently, it stands as one of the premier and most widely consumed Italian liqueurs globally.

A consistent, crafted excellence: Disaronno uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, including a blend of 17 carefully selected herbs and fruits soaked in apricot kernel oil. This ensures a consistently superior flavour profile that patrons will appreciate.

Unmistakable Flavour: Disaronno’s unique production process and natural ingredients result in a distinct, nuanced flavour that sets it apart from other amaretto liqueurs. The sweet almond aroma, nutty backnotes, and hints of marzipan create a delightful drinking experience.

Effortlessly elevates tradition: Disaronno’s balanced flavour profile makes it a versatile ingredient in various cocktails, not just the Amaretto Sour. This versatility allows bartenders to experiment and create unique, memorable drinks. Why not try to experiment in an unexpected twist on the amaretto sour, for a delightful surprise.

If you’re interested in making an authentic amaretto sour, try new twists on this classic, or to learn more about other cocktails you can make with Disaronno, book a cocktail training session with Nat Salerno (pictured above), or 0475 050 458 or @nathanel_salerno.