Month: August 2010

Endeavour Beer Explores New Territory

A true vintage brew – beer made only from ingredients sourced each year and intentionally made by a winemaker to reflect yearly variations. Sound like a pipe dream? Well the ground breaking Endeavour Beer is exactly that – a true vintage beer.

The New Pal

Who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, this month’s How To proves the naysayers wrong by teaching an aged cocktail – The Old Pal to be precise – how to bust a move in the 21st Century.

Perth Small Bar Owner Takes Aim at Local Competition, a Western Australian based news source, has printed the comments of 399 co-owner Gary Beadle under the slightly sensational heading “Small bar guru slams Perth pubs”.

Icon Bars on the Brink of Extinction

“There was a time when you could visit the bar at the old Bourbon & Beefsteak in Sydney’s Kings Cross and recall that Frank Sinatra used to play impromptu gigs here, drinking Jack Daniels till dawn.”


Walk down the sliver of hallway they use for an entrance and Berta opens up to become a chic wine bar and restaurant tucked away in complete privacy. This is the latest offering from Andrew Cibej – owner of Vini – and judging by the full seats at 6:30pm it is already a hit. The focus is on wine not cocktails and Berta offers an in-depth selection of Italian styles. They have at their disposal the talents of Georgio from Vini – who imports many wines specifically for the restaurants.

Whisky Education From The Left Bank

The Left Bank Melbourne recently played host to an intimate whisky education experience. Greg Sanderson – master of ceremonies – enlightened and educated guests on the origins of whisky and how it has evolved over time.

Magners Pear In New 330ml Size

Responding to the huge growth in the Australian cider category since last summer Magners is preparing to release Magners Pear cider in a new 330ml size in time for summer 2010.

Job Opportunities at Southtrade

Southtrade International, one of Australia’s leading importers of premium alcoholic beverages, has announced that it is looking to appoint two new roles to assist with the company’s ever growing portfolio.

RIP the Signature Cocktail

It’s been a long time coming. Once upon a time, signature drinks, or cocktails, or food dishes, were things you could only get in one restaurant, or perhaps one chain of restaurants, or from one chef. Ramos Gin Fizzes, Brambles, Lamb Cutlets Reform ( a la Soyer), TGI Fridays’ Jack Daniels Grill and Nobu Matsuhisa’s black cod are all examples of signature serves. Everyone can imitate these serves in any bar you like, but even an oxygen thief knows that you should have at least one Penicillin straight from Sam Ross, or a Tommy’s from Julio Bermejo. Done right, signature serves rock.

The Passage

The Passage, which is swelling the ranks of Darlinghurst bars, is the first bar venture by Mark Eggers and Andy Emerson and Ed Loveday who have both worked for Keystone hospitality for years.

TMD Judged Australia’s Most Awarded Distillery at the IWSC

Well, it has been said before, but let’s say it again – Queensland’s Tamborine Mountain Distillery (TMD) is on a roll! Australia’s most awarded distillery and liquor brand in the new millennium has again been judged as the most awarded distillery in Australia at the 2010 London International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC ).

All Girl Addition to the 2010 BarShow Week

Sydney BarShow Week 2010 is proud to welcome a new ‘all girl’ initiative to the official networking events in this year’s Sydney BarShow Week lineup.