Month: May 2011

Unique Tequila

A newly available Tequila with its own class, derived from a secret process to give a lustrous pink colour and perfect to enjoy it with all your favourite drinks and cocktails, El Manté Pasión Tequila is sure to catch a few eyes at the bar.

Introducing: Samantha Reed

Samantha Reed mixes it up at LL Wine & Dine in Sydney, so we thought it was about time we dropped past to have a chat.

Haitian Rhum Here!

Cerbaco has completed its rum portfolio by talking on some new Agricole additions.

The Bitter Histories

We know from the earliest boozers that it was a variation on a Sling – spirits, water and sugar and included the miracle ingredient bitters. So what bitters was it?

Josie Bones

It’s a bold move to open a drinking and dining establishment that gives pride of place to beer instead of wine, but that’s exactly what Masterchef stars Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins have achieved. Josie Bones, which opened in December 2010, is a haven of fine brews and nose-to-tail eating. The joint offers beer lovers a way to enjoy high-end ales outside of a pub environment paired to some of the best beer drinking grub any gastronome could ask for.

How To: Bespoke Cider

Some bars go to extraordinary lengths to produce bespoke ingredients for their drinks list and cocktail hungry clientele. Few, however, go to the lengths of Neutral Bay’s White Hart – a bar that makes its own mead, tonic, ginger beer, and cider amongst others house made goodies.

Kodiak Club

If Bourbon focused cocktails and a hankering for the Americas are your thing, then this is a place for you to certainly check out. Nathan Debritt is heading up this now ‘not so old’ Melbourne bar and is proud of the driving Bourbon influence that they’re showcasing to their guests and the reports are that the mix of drinks and food are really turning the tables with the humble little venue bustling from open till close.

Tequila Cocktails

Check out these top Tequila tipples from the May issue of Bartender magazine.

Burlington Wine Bar

The Burlington in Crows Nest has added something new, finally opening their new wine bar. Now offering guests a unique opportunity to enjoy a drink before dinner or the chance to relax with a cocktail at the bar. The Burlington, a well established eatery in the hub of the northern suburbs, has long been providing great food and drink to those in the know – and the newly added wine bar goes that little bit further by offering a more relaxed and casual area to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine.