3R Tequila and Kansei to send four bartenders to Mexico

Jason Soto 3R

Kansei Beverages and 3R Tequila are sending four lucky bartenders to Mexico this November to visit the 3R distillery, and whilst you are there 3R Tequila will be throwing a Mexican beach party. One lucky competition winner will be chosen based on the amount of Like’s they receive on their cocktail, which will be posted on Kansei’s Facebook page. The remaining three spots will duke it out in the 3R Tequila Shake Down competition final, tol be held in Sydney. The finalists for the 3R Shake Down will be determined based on a 3R Tequila points system, giving everyone from a small bar to the larger venues a clear shot at winning. Visit www.kansei.com.au for more information.


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