Drink inspiration: Get Scout Sydney’s recipe for the Human Race

Matt Whiley at Scout Sydney. Photo: Christopher Pearce

This recipe really showcases all the prep work that goes into making the delicious things coming over the bar at Scout. There’s a house-made mead with passionfruit; a tonka bean syrup — tonka bean being a highly aromatic spice (think cloves, vanilla, almond and spice all at once); mango tepache (a fermented drink often made from pineapple in Mexico); and Geraldton wax tincture.

It’s stirred down with Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, and it all makes for a delicious drink.

What else do you want?

Check out our recent story with Whiley in which he speaks about their new cocktail list (and his approach to drinks) here, and get the recipe for the Human Race below.

Human Race

  • 40 ml Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz
  • 30 ml mango tepache
  • 20 ml passionfruit mead
  • 2.5 ml tonka bean syrup
  • 2.5 ml Geraldton wax tincture
  1. Stir down all ingredients and strain over block ice.

Recipe from Scout Sydney.