Here’s 2.5 minutes of fun at Miss Peaches

Got nothing to do for the next two and a half minutes? Of course you do. Or, you could check out the slick video of new Newtown soul food and drink shack, Miss Peaches, like we did. They've also announced that that from next Thursday their new house blues band, Ray Beadle and the Silver Dollars, will take the stage, giving you Sydneysiders just one more reason to head to Newtown for all your food and drink needs.

Magnificent Mexico! The distilleries: Olmeca

You don’t turn down an invitation to tour Mexico’s distileries with Tomas Estes and Phil Bayly. David Spanton got the rundown on some of the best distilleries in Tequila and in Oaxaca in our May issue; check out what he found at Olmeca distillery below.

Drinks With… PKNY’s Richard Boccato

You know an operator means business when they head to NYC, scouting out one of their best bar operators and getting them involved here in Australia. That’s exactly what Damian Griffiths — the man behind Alfred & Constance — did, snagging NYC tiki man Richard Boccato, with the result being a pitch-perfect Tiki bar by the name of White Lightning. Boccato was recently out in Australia to do some training at White Lightning, and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Watch Meehan, DeGroff, Petraske, Zaric — hell, everyone who’s anyone in US bartending

Watch the trailer for the doco, Hey Bartender, being released throughout the States and to iTunes (our fingers are crossed for Aussie distribution). The movie follows the fortunes of two bartenders — one of them at New York bar Employees Only — and features the biggest names in US bartendeing. Bartenders like Dale DeGroff, Jim Meehan (PDT), Julie Reiner (Flatiron Lounge), Sasha Petraske (Milk & Honey), Dushan Zaric (Employees Only), Simon Ford (86 Company) all make appearances in the film. And there's more gold to be found at the facebook page.

Watch NYC tiki man Richard Boccato make the 1934 Zombie

Richard Boccato is at the centre of all things tiki in New York. He started his bar career manning the door at Little Branch before getting behind the bar, ending up at Milk & Honey. He then went on to open Dutch Kills and then tiki bar PKNY (originally called Painkiller). His talent with tiki caught the eye of Damian Griffiths, who brought Boccato out to Brisbane to help launch the tiki bar at Alfred & Constance, White Lightning. They've put a new cocktail list out recently, with Boccato visiting to implement it, and we asked him to walk us through the 1934 Zombie he's put on the list.

Watch PDT’s Jim Meehan talk cocktail books

Who knew Google was so enthused about cocktail book archaeology? Last week they had Jim Meehan, owner of NYC's PDT and author of his very own cocktail book, pop in to their offices to give a Google Talk. Meehan broke out the mezcal, making everyone a cocktail before launching in to a 45 minute talk that traced the history of cocktail books with a look towards their future.