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Three top new tequilas to hit bars

Kansei Beverages are bringing to Australia these organic artisan-made tequilas from 3R Tequila. Both the aged varieties, a Reposado and an Anejo, are aged a little longer than the average — their Repo is aged for 10 months, the Anejo for two years.

Tequila: romancing the agave

It’s January, 1986, and a young Tomas Estes — and a younger Phil Bayly — are driving around East Los Angeles.
“We were cruising in his metallic gold 55 Chevy pick-up with “Empresa Pacifico – Junta de rebusca y desarollo” painted on the side,” said Bayly. Estes made a stop at a liquor store in search of supplies, and when he came out he held a bottle that changed the way Bayly saw tequila.

Funkin get sweet on syrups

We all know Funkin as a supplier of premium, top quality purees that offer consistent product each and every time you use them. Well, the fine folks at Funkin have now expanded their range in Australia to include a suite of handmade syrups too.

Tequila Cocktails

Check out these top Tequila tipples from the May issue of Bartender magazine.

Agave, Sydney

Agave is an authentic Mexican restaurant that opened its doors on Surry Hill’s bustling Crown Street mid-2009. Owned by Gerardo J Macip-Lanzagorta, a born-and-bred Mexican, Agave is strictly a sour-cream free zone.