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Introducing Bruno Luke Ali from Nick & Nora’s Parramatta

“I think if I could drink with anyone it would be Ryan Reynolds mostly because he started in hospitality and I would be interested to know if he is different because of his time working in restaurants.” – Bruno Luke Ali, Nick & Nora’s Parramatta

The truth about non-alcoholic spirits by Sven Almenning

“I believe these products being labelled as “non-alcoholic spirits” is a clever marketing ploy allowing producers to charge a premium for what essentially is distilled and flavoured water.” – Sven Almenning, founder of Speakeasy Group, talks about the non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ trend

Eau de Vie Sydney set to move to a new location in 2021

“Unfortunately we were unable to reach an agreement with the landlord on rent so we have decided to move the venue to a new location in 2021. Kings Kross is not what it once was. The lockout hurt our business massively, but thanks to our many loyal customers and cocktail fans we managed to survive.” – Sven Almenning, Speakeasy Group Director

Nick and Nora’s Melbourne

Nick and Nora’s Melbourne is a new Melbourne bar that opened and shut its doors over just a few weeks thanks to Melbourne’s second lockdown. We can’t wait to see them back behind the stick when restrictions ease.