Month: February 2013

Masterclass: Fortifieds

Fortified wines seemed to have had their day not long ago. Seen as the preserve of the stuffy and old, most bars might have a bottle of port or cream sherry kicking around on their back bar, gathering cobwebs and dust. But there has been a resurgence of interest in sherry and other fortifieds, and why not?

Hola Mejico!

Though it dominated in 2012, Mexican looks set to continue its run of favour in Sydney in 2013 with the opening of Mejico, a Mexican restaurant and bar opening next door to Jamie’s Italian on Pitt St.

Frankie’s Pizza

From the guys, formerly known as the Shady Pines lads, previously known as the guys from Baxter Inn, and perhaps now more easily referred to as the Swillhouse group, comes Frankie’s Pizza.

Cocktail Experiment: Gin

Go through a door emblazoned with vinyl records and down into the basement of 73 York Street and you’ll find a record store and this cracking bar. Records line the wall, red covers the banquettes and the team behind the bar are some of the rockingest bartenders around.

Cocktailian: For a pauper or a prince

Salvatore Calabrese is one of the world’s finest bartenders, and I say that from dealing with the man himself – for a couple of decades – and from knowing many bartenders he has trained over the years.

Santa Barbara

Though Sydney might have developed a penchant for south-of-the-border, down-Mexico-way kind of flavours there’s still a whole lot be mined north of the border.

Introducing: James Irvine

From Star Wars junkie to Hinky Dinks manager and Rookie of the Year nominee, we chart the rise of this talented ‘tender.


This place has been open for a few months now but we thought better late than never. Given it has former Luxe luminary, Joe Sinagra on board for the beverage program it is no surprise that the cocktail list for this little den of deliciousness is of the wide ranging style.