Frankie’s Pizza


Frankie’s Pizza
50 Hunter Street, Sydney CBD

From the guys, formerly known as the Shady Pines lads, previously known as the guys from Baxter Inn, and perhaps now more easily referred to as the Swillhouse group, comes Frankie’s Pizza. The bar has taken over the old Hunter Bar on Hunter Street in the Sydney CBD. One part suburban Italian pizza joint, two parts CBGB’s inspired rock ‘n’ roll dive, this bar contains all the attention to detail from Messrs Forte and Scott that we’ve come to expect. They’ve got cracking beers on tap — our last visit saw us sipping on plastic mugs of Doctor’s Orders Cephalopod (a German style sour wheat beer coloured with squid ink that it gives it a bluey-green colour) — bottles and bottles of booze lining the dimply lit back bar and pizzas available by the slice or the whole pie.

The only cocktails on offer are from the slushee machine that adorns one end of the bar, and it’s clear that this place is first and foremost about fun. The gaudy purple chairs alone are worth a visit, and with a licence til 4am the bar is already attracting a strong after work hospo crowd.

Read more about Frankie’s here.


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