Brisbane bar The Gresham takes over Australian Bartender this month — here’s what to expect

The team at The Gresham, Brisbane. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Welcome to The Gresham’s takeover of Australian Bartender.

For some stupid bloody reason, young (read: old) Sam Bygrave flicks me this email asking if we want to take over the mag for the month of May, so here goes.

What will you expect to see as you flick through these glossy, brightly coloured and beautifully arranged pages you ask? Well I think you just need to look at the team of The Gresham and I think you’ll be able to pick before even flicking.

No doubt I’ll take the piss out of something, that’s a given. Kal “Rainman” Moore will undoubtedly give a very detailed, very informative and very intelligent account of something that probably just gives him the shits, and he’ll roast the crap out of it. Billie-Jean’s going to chime in, I imagine, being the poor lonesome female bar keep amongst a group of utter wankers and fly the feminism flag (or maybe burn it, you can never tell with her).  But we’re open 20 hours a day here at The Gresham, and there’s a couple of ‘daywalkers’ you’ll get to hear from in Leroy and Anna, Gresham’s day-crew.

You’ll also get to meet some of the younger guys that have worked their asses off here at The Gresham and who are on the road to forming incredible careers within our kickass industry. Guys that have such passion and love for what they do it keeps the salty old dogs like Kal and myself on our toes!


We’re going head down the road a bit and check on young (read:older) Mr Brendon Osmers and check out what he’s been up to since I sent him on holidays way back in December… I hear he’s doing some pretty cool shit.

Amongst all of this I feel that you’ll get a great insight into not only the team here at The Gresham, but our combined passion for this wonderful industry of ours and just how passionate us QLD’ers are…


Ryan Lane, The Gresham

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