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Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge entries open June 1

island2island has opened entries to the Australian heats of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, now held every other year. Calling on the very best bartenders from across the country, this comp tests both the knowledge and the skill of its competitors as they battle it out to become the next Australian Angostura Brand Ambassador.


This Pegu Club recipe is a taste of old colonial times

This Pegu Club recipe is a classic for good reason: it has all the hallmarks of those Britishers of colonial times, what with the bitters and the gin and the lime; it’s a very officer-and-a-gentleman kind of drink.


The Mix: here’s four cracking Kraken drinks

There’s nothing mythical about the taste of these Kraken rum cocktails — just solid, front-on flavour bombs — and they’re a great launching off point for your own mixing.