Amy Spanton

the Editor of She has lived and worked in San Francisco, Sydney and London, working as a waitress, bartender and maitre’d. She knows the bar scene inside out and has written about bars and drinks for numerous publications, including Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living supplement. She is long-time Editor of Bartender magazine.

The Negroni.


A local Count, Camillo Negroni was known for frequenting Florentine bars and his favoured tipple…

CLASSIC: The Margarita

Of all cocktails, none has been assaulted quite like the Margarita. At some bars it’s now like a Slurpee from 7/11; a frozen concoction swirling around in a myriad of colours and flavours. But it wasn’t always so tacky. The world’s most popular cocktail is a sublime drink when made properly.


COCKTAILS: The Wet Martini

The dryness of a martini is determined by the amount of extra dry vermouth used – ironically, the less extra dry vermouth the more dry the martini. If we go back in time, we will find many incarnations of the famed Martini and the further we go, the more vermouth is used.