Ultimate Barman’s Tool

When Jonathon Worner, Design Director at Alloy, was asked by Coca Cola to design his version of the ultimate in bottle openers he set about investigating the idea with vigor.

Love Tilly Devine

This is the name sake of the infamous British war bride who came to be described as ‘the most notorious women in Sydney,’ and by all accounts Love Tilly Devine is proving to be quite a hit (although this time with out a razor).

Bar Profile: Porteño

Just about everyone knows the drill at the now iconic restaurant and bar Bodega, Surrey Hills. Get there early, be prepared to wait and then ask for a seat at the bar and watch Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate punch out an amazing array of food only inches from your over stimulated eyes

Book Review: Highland Whisky Smugglers

This book might have been as hard to locate as an illegal whisky bothy buried in the Scottish Highlands but when you get your hands on it (and not quite such a challenge these days with Amazon.com) it reaps rewards in the stories it holds and the prose with which it is told.

Victoria’s ‘Veneto’ Region

Prosecco describes not only the style of the wine but also the grape varietal used and Victoria’s King Valley wine region is a home away from home for many Italian grape varietals.

Marmalade Bar

Within a cobbler glass throw of Melbourne pumping Chapel St is the sweet little wine and cocktail bar named Marmalade. Hamish Goonetilleke, owner of the new venture invites you down to kick back on the vintage chesterfield in out open front bar and watch as the world rushes by.


The former site of The Middle Bar has undergone a drastic makeover to become LO-FI.


Inspired by the ubiquitous small bars littered throughout Brazil, Boteco has created a warm and intimate space for patrons to hide away and nibble on fantastic treats and enjoy great drinks.

Chambord’s New Bling

Chambord, the iconic black raspberry liqueur that has been a stalwart on the back bar shelf is set to show of its new ‘Blinging’ look with a newly released contemporary design.

Papa Goose Restaurant & Bar (The Loose Goose)

Inspired by a children’s nursery rhyme, Papa Goose is a new offering on the already jam packed Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Chef and Owner Neale White and his designer brother Lance White have created a stylish new venue with an industrial core based around steel beams, heavy wood and exposed air conditioning units.

Mixxit Brings Professor Wondrich to Oz

Over September Australia was graced by the presence of the world’s foremost cocktail historian David Wondrich – the author of Imbibe! Mixxit organised two invite only sessions for lucky trade guests in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Schweppes Australia’s Best G&T Competition

What better time than Sydney BarShow Week for Schweppes Tonic to put a new edge on an age old concoction and ramp up the creative juices that fizz and flow through every passionate bartender by inspiring them to create Australia’s Best Gin & Tonic.