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Happy Birthday to us!

It sounds big and, well, I guess it is a bloody big number! And even though it’s just a number it represents close to 15 years of non-stop hard work publishing what is the leading bar trade magazine. So much has changed over the years and for the most part for the better. People are drinking better and bartenders are better trained and more educated than ever before. Let’s not forget, the standard of bars around the country is amazing if you compare cities like Brisbane or Sydney in 1998 to today.

My problem with pushy cocktail comps

It’s never been so good to be a bartender. Just look at the endless supply of competitions to enter with mind-blowing prizes, and the fantastic array of drinks brands that now are available. But be careful of the subversive sell…

Bar Week: Workshop – Open your own Bar

Hold onto your hats, Sydney Bar Week is about to blast into town! As well as all the brands on show at Drinks Fest at the OPT, there is also an amazing line-up of off-site events, including an amazing workshop at theloft for anyone who has ever though about opening their own bar…

Editor’s Page – The Great Wait…

Recently I took the Bartender team out to see Anthony Bourdain, former New York chef, come travel writer and TV presenter, who has developed a cult ‘foodie’ following over the last decade. His profile is huge and people love his no bullshit approach to food and to all things hospitality.

30 Bars in One Day and still marching on

As Parched March kicks into its second half, founder Amy Cooper reports from the front line of good times for a good cause

Each year, like a fine wine, Parched March improves – and in 2012 our annual month-long celebration of Sydney’s bars has blossomed into quite a party. Events, people, amazing drinks and an extraordinary marathon.

Sydney Bar Week – New Direction for Australia’s Premier Bar Event!

“After a decade of being the Australia’s leading bar trade event we saw an opportunity to expand trade only format and incorporate a host of consumer focused activities to help educate todays enthusiastic consumers who are keen to learn more about premium drinks.” David Spanton – Managing Director Spanton Media Group.

Why I have a problem with cocktails in a cask

Vodka Mojito in a bottle? Yep, you heard it right. This is just one of a slew of offerings from drinks companies in a new category called the ‘ready to serve’ mixed drink! Don’t be confused with the RTD ‘ready to drink’ category that we all know (and many like myself despise) as the RTD focuses on alcoholic mixed drinks in a single serve bottle. RTDs have been around for decades and the stats tell us that Aussies love them.

New York City

God, I love this town! I wish I could live here for a few months each year, as a few days it’s just not enough to do anything but just scratch the surface of this great city. I would go as far to say it’s the most exciting city in the world with the best of everything, especially when it comes to eating and drinking, all packed in on this not-so-little island.