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Sale of the Century, Tequila’s Price War

I remember a time when there weren’t a lot of positives about the Tequila industry. There were very few brands available and those that were you probably know well – perhaps too well.

The Bar With No Vodka: Are we too cool for the great white spirit?

I feel sorry for the vodka companies. In the last few years there has been a serious backlash against what was until recently the world’s most distilled spirit (apparently that kudos now goes to Korean shochu). Whatever. It’s besides the point I’m trying to make. The return of the classic cocktail over the last decade has been the catalyst for this anti-vodka movement; at least in the highest temples of mixology.

The Rookie:The ‘New’ Breed Have it Too Easy

I’m certainly not old enough to have this piece come across as a “back in my day, we had it so tough” gospel speech. And I try never to be cynical about our industry and remain positive about where it’s heading.

Beware of the Blog

Technology has done some wonderful things for our industry. The internet alone has allowed bartenders from Moscow to Melbourne to chat and learn from each other. But there has also been a downside in that now anyone can publish anything they want, becoming armchair critics and quasi experts on our industry overnight. Enter the cocktail blogger.

Most Influential Top 50 Announced

The votes are in for Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. Read on to find out the who made the Top 50 based on your trade votes…