Month: May 2012

Sensational Tequila cocktails

These awesome Tequila cocktails featured in the May issue of Australian Bartender magazine Photography by…

How To – The Ryes and Wherefores

Rye whiskey is here and boy howdy does it mean to stay! A flavoursome grain spirit that expresses more of a citric and pepper spice flavour profile than its sweeter cousin bourbon, rye has a touch more cowgirl in it than southern belle. We bartenders love it all the same, and so did American mixaturges from the early days of the cocktail.

Philip Duff – History Wars

This will not be the first column where I castigate drinks firms for pulling the wool over our eyes (or trying to) but it might be the first one where I point out whose fault it is – yours. A typically entertaining and well-researched piece by Wayne Curtis recently set me thinking. In it, Curtis explained how many of the brands that use ‘heritage’ as a large part of their appeal are actually selling porky pies. It’s been going on for a while and we’re not just talking St. Germain, Chambord and Bols, y’know. Benedictine was actually started by an 19th century millionaire who (even back then) saw that people loved old shit, so he spun a whole story about monks and 1510 etc. Ka-Ching!

Bulleit’s Rye Release

Bulleit bourbon was launched in 1830 by a Louisville tavern keeper, Augustus Bulleit. In 1987 his great-great-grandson Tom Bulleit decided to re-launch the historic bourbon and recreated the small batch distilled and aged spirit, bottling it in a distinctly ‘frontier’ style bottle.

Want to jetset to Jamaica?

With a trip to Jamaica up for grabs for Australia’s best bartender PLUS the design inspiration for the next Appleton Tiki mug it’s easy to see why this is going to be a must win competition for 2012!


First and foremost the interior look and feel of this place is an inspirational vision with a mix of art and design combining with a striking result. Ricardo Amare and Linda Temani are the brains behind this latest addition to the Melbourne dining scene, and they hope to charm their guests with food, atmosphere and stories on the traditions and life of Mexican culture.

Drinks With – Jason Crawley

Jason Crawley has experienced every facet of the bar industry from mixing cocktails in some of the world’s best bars, to stepping over the counter to train thousands of Australian bartenders. We caught up with him recently to chat about a few of the projects he’s got in the pipeline and to get the lowdown on the recently released Formula app:

Classic – The Airmail Cocktail

The team here at Bartender, it is no secret, are partial to well construed rum cocktails. The Airmail is a delicious concoction that certainly fits this bill though it’s one we only came across but recently. We whipped one of these bad boys up after discovering it in The PDT Cocktail Book, but it first appears in 1941 in a book called Here’s How by W.C. Whitfield.


Drinks With – Jonathan Driver

Jonathan Driver made a short trip to Australia recently and this time there were a few new products just added to the Johnnie Walker whisky portfolio. We took some time to chat to him about one of their most special creations, the Diamond Jubilee.

Vok Beverages takes on Bearded Lady Bourbon

Vok Beverages recently released a new product in its portfolio, Bearded Lady bourbon. A new and innovative bourbon, it is set to create a stir within the more traditional category. Produced at the 5 Square Mile Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, it is made with 25% rye and has a smooth, rich flavour.