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Debating the Daiquiri, the gin explosion and more: Indie Perth seminars announced

What would a tasting be without a bit of education thrown in? The Indie Spirits Tasting Perth promises a line-up of talks about the hottest topics in the bar industry. Everything from tips on investing in Whisky on the stock market to the lowdown on the great gin explosion, hosted by Australian Bartender magazine editor, Sam Bygrave.

Punch – the granddaddy of all bartendery drinks

In those dark times, before the Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs and Fizzes, there was Punch. It’s the idea of the pub — an occasion in which people gather at a place in a shared (drinking) experience — where they gathered around the flowing bowl. Punch is for sharing en masse.

Stoli mixes its way around the country

Over the last couple of months Island2Island have taken Stoli to mix, muddle and mash its way across the country, wrapping up a successful tour yesterday in Sydney at the Village, Potts Point. The tour involved masterclasses that saw select groups of bartenders in all the major cities discover the rich history behind Stoli and where it sits in the vodka category, all the while catching up with other bartenders — and causing a ruckus or two along the way.

Masterclass: around the world with a flagon of rum

The world of rum is a diverse one. And, thanks to there being no unifying authority, the types of products that are called rum vary widely in their flavour profiles. There are, loosely speaking, a few different styles of rum that drinkers can identify. They’re based on old geographical and cultural roots and it is remarkable how these styles have come down the ages.

Masterclass: Vermouth

It’s probably one of the most common ingredients in classic cocktails, however vermouth is most likely the stuff that you end up cleaning of your bar mats! It hasn’t always been this way, with the Vermouth Cocktail considered quite a hit back in the late 1800s, but sadly today you’ll not often hear, “Barkeep – a wine glass of dry vermouth, chilled and garnished with lemon. Up.” Hopefully however after reading this month’s Trend piece you’ll be more inspired, confident and determined to offer up a vermouth focused cocktail – or tasting flight – to your bar’s tipplers.

Masterclass: Bitters

Bitters have been around for centuries and they began life as ‘cure-all’ medicines. These days however they’re valued more for their aromatics than their supposed medicinal qualities, yet they’re still favourites as hangover cures and as appetite and digestion aids.