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The Clubland cocktail introduces white port to vodka

This Clubland Cocktail dates to 1937’s Café Royal Cocktail Book, put together by William J Tarling. There’s some 24 or so vodka cocktails in Tarling’s book, and one of the most striking is this one.

Heavy Water: this gold medal winning vodka is aerated

New to the country is this good lookin’ Scandinavian vodka: Heavy Water. Named for a group of Norwegian saboteurs operating during the latter part of world war two, the quality lies in how the spirit is produced, having picked up a number of gold medals at different spirits competitions — the San Francisco World Spirits Competition among them.

The Spirit: Vodka

“Ever since Ivan the Terrible cobbled together the various tsardoms and proclaimed himself Tsar of All the Russias, vodka has girded the seat of power.”

Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin & Vodka

Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin & Vodka, the new super premium beverage spirits distilled with the super soft and pure iceberg water from the Ice Cap of Greenland, has now travelled across the globe to be enjoyed by Australians…

Vodka Cocktails

A selection of delectable drafts from November’s Vodka Spirit Profile in Bartender magazine

Patron Release Ultimat Vodka

The Patron Spirits Company have decided to take on the luxury vodka market with the release of Ultimat Vodka. Produced in Poland, Ultimat uses a trio of grains (wheat, rye and potato) to create this unique luxury spirit. The wheat is utilised to create a smooth texture, the rye to yield complexity and the potato for richness.